Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fixing forward.

It was of course a silly simple fix due to my own dorkiness.  But first off what is the deal with blogger???  I cannot comment on most blogs and cannot comment on my own.  I wanted to thank you guys for your suggestions.  I did what you said and started in with the process of elimination.  His feet were done yesterday so I got to ask the ferrier if he saw any issues with his feet.  Nope, we are good there.  I felt him up down and all around and not one sign of soreness anywhere.  Sidenote Steady since the day I owned him has hated being brushed on his back, belly area.  He always seemed very tender and sensitive.  And get out a curry?!  No way he would look at me like he wanted to kill me.  I just chalked it up to the way he is.  I was just very cautious of his sensitivity.  He alway would get annoyed when rubbing him anywhere on his back or belly.  Ever since he has put on weight that has gone away!!!  It makes sense that if he had no muscule or fat to protect him that it would be extremely sensitive.  So in rubbing him down to check for soreness it was a great relief to see complete relaxation as I was doing it.  Ears in a relaxed postion and no pinning or looking back like WTH are you doing.  So I think it was safe to say it wasn't soreness or pain in his body or even his back from the saddle. 

I then started to break down anything in the last week that has changed.  And all the sudden a light bulb went on.  I got a new girth.  I decided to focus on that next to see if that could be the problem.  It is just a plain leather girth with elastic on one side.  Up until now I have used a very annoying wintec elastic girth(don't ever buy one they suck!  There is no elastic in it at all.)  I am used to tightening that girth with so much force just to get it remotely snug.  Anyways I got on with the new girth and started riding and got the refusal to move forward.  He was more compliant. No bucking or bunny hop rearing but still ear pinning and grumpiness.  So I got off to switch girths and thought first to try letting out the girth a hole or two.  That is what I did and got back on.  He had some resistance at first but over the next 10 minutes we got forward back!!  My Steady was slowly coming back.  The Steady that the only problem he has with forward is TOO FORWARD.  I like that Steady much better.  I guess being used to the stupid wintec girth I got a little overly exhuberant tightening the girth when I switched to somthing that actually had elastic.  Dumb mistake but at least it was an easy fix.

Kathleen I think you should start working on that horse language translator.  I am sure they would be very grateful if they could just say in a language we understood "look you idiot I am trying to be as nice about this as possible but if you don't stop hurting me I may have to send you flying".

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