Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's kinda funny...

in a strange sort of way.  After my post and seeing my thoughts in words and after reading your sweet and understanding comments it got me thinking.  It has been a year, a year since Steady came home and my plunge back into horse ownership was made.  I was trying to think why I even got Steady to begin with,  I mean not necessarily him in particular but why I even wanted a horse again.  Was it to Event?  No, I didn't even know the sport existed.  Was it to be a super dooper, magically wonderful rider?  UH, no, we all know that is not in the cards for moi.  Was it to have the physical presence of one of the most majestic creatures on earth in my life?  YES!  Did it matter to me if this horse was always well behaved?  No, I just didn't want him to kill me and we could get along just fine.  Did this horse have to be screaming potential to be called mine?  No, I couldn't recognize potential if it walked up and hit me in the temple with a 2x4.  Did he have to jump?  Well kinda because I like to jump, but no need to clear 3'6", cause I am good with a cross rail.  Did I get everything I asked for and more in Steady Smiler?  YES!  So that is where my brain is and this process is still ongoing.  But you must know that, though I am discouraged, and it is hard to see a feasible perfect answer at this moment.  I do not give up without a fight and I do get knocked down but rarely get knocked out.  So I am going to try my darnedest to make some tough choices but choices that can keep me, my husband, my children and my horsies together.  For now at least.  Perfect?  No, but it is some place to start.

Details are still being processed, to be continued...


  1. Amy, you are a strong, strong person. You've already made it through setbacks that you've written about on your blog, but all through rough seas, you've always stood by your love for Steady. Sometimes we just have to let ourselves have the things we want because they are also the things we need.

  2. I agree with Muddy. :) Things do have a way of working out I think. Especially for us horse-lovers.

  3. Very wonderful thoughts expressed ~

    Yea, we are wise to reflect upon the pure, boiled down form of pleasure we derive from the horse.

    Just yesterday, my girlfriend couldn't load her horse in the trailer, and it really aren't her over the edge. One thing I know about horses, things change sometimes...even some things that you thought were good. I just told her,"hers your lovely horse, and now you get to find out what has changed his mind, with out taking it personally".

    You have a keen sense balance ~

  4. You'll come through, just keep trying!

  5. I was going to type out something on your last post, but I see you've already come to what I would have said on your own, LOL. Atta girl. Being in love with a horse is a gift, that you have found. Hang on to that. Lessons and events are fun, but that's not what the love is about.

    I would also suggest selling the kids in Mexico to free up horse funds, but hey, that's why I am not a mom, ROFL.

  6. I'm glad all of your followers could remind you why you got Steady. :) I really do hope things work out for you.

  7. I'm glad all of your followers were able to remind you the real reason you got Steady. :) Things will work out in the end. I think you're making the right decision.


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