Sunday, May 15, 2011

Show results!

Nope not me but I probably had more fun yesterday than if I was showing myself.  I was show mom for my two little girls.  I am bursting with pride over my girls and their horses.  It was so fun and the horses were so well behaved and my girls, well, I am sure I am not bias at all but they were super stars. We haven't gotten to practice a bunch because of the crazy weather that we have had here.  And to be honest putting Elaina up on Moonlight has made me nervous.  He like all horses coming out of winter had somes sillies but Elaina has always been able to handle him.  Mostly my fear has come from last fall when the accident happened.  I didn't realilze how much affected me and my confindence with kids and horses.  Honestly after it happened I felt like I shouldn't even be a part of kids and horses.  The little girl has since completely healed and is doing fine.  Though she has yet to get on a horse again.  I know have realized that you just cannot control stuff like that and you also can't keep it from living life and moving on.  Because I did consider not having my girls continue the horse thing but I cannot take that from them but it has been a scary transition into the spring.

This is Macy's (6) first year old enough to do 4-h.  This little girls love and dedication of her little horsey Blaze is simply precious.  She will groom ride, groom, graze, groom, hug and graze her horse for hours.  She is always asking to ride and I just love her love for her horse.  She came home with a second place in her showmanship class. 

And a fourth in her walk leadline class.  She was not real thrilled that the rule for kindergarteners is they have to be lead in their classes.  So when she was done I took her to the practice arena so she could ride without being led.


This is Elaina's 3rd year in 4-h but her first year that we have had Moonlight for it.  The pair of them out there look awesome!  Her riding position is just lovely and Moonlight just holds his head so cute that they are irresistable. 

Showmanship is not their best area.  I may have talked about Moonlights ground manners in the past.  I must say he is improving but it is a work in progress.  I am just happy he didn't run over Elaina or the judge.  They stopped inches from the judgest chest but they did stop :).  He was also so concerned about making friends that he wasn't perfect but she handled it all so well and I of course am hanging on the fence clucking and telling them what to do as if they can hear, lol.  I did say it all under my breath so I didn't look like a crazy stage mom.  She walked away with second in that class.  She also entered 2nd grade walk/trot and open walk/trot.  They nailed 2nd grade class.  I couldn't have asked more out of either of them.  I could hear people talking around me saying things like, "that girl has wonderful position", "look at that white horse, he just holds his head so cute",  "that little girl should win, she just rides the best".  Me?  Beaming!  That's my girl.  The open class they looked just as good but when she went to pass a cute little mare Moonlight tried to sneak is studly butt closer and she had to pull him to a stop and convince him that he was a gelding.  I could tell she was doing what she should have he just got a little close and the mare threatened to kick him in his non-existent cahones.  The judges helper was one of our groups leaders.  He came over afterward and said the judge told him she hated to move her to second because they derserve first except that pass incident.  :)))  Me a proud Mama!  One first and two seconds.

  I don't care if they ended in last each time ou there (ok I do like to see my kids succeed) but what I want more than anything is to have fun with my girls and their horses.  Make some great memeories and enjoy life.  So today was a success!!!


  1. Awww Congrats to everyone! And I don't think I've seen too many pics of Moonlight yet. What a handsome chap!!

  2. Fun! I loved 4h when I was a kid. Glad your girls are doing so well.

  3. Little girls and horses - such a lovely combo! Congrats to all of them :)

  4. That is so fantastic!! Congrats! I think having them in 4H is the best thing ever. So much fun. :D


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