Monday, September 30, 2013

Everything from A to Z

Just so much to catch up on and I don't want to over do it in the word department so I will do my best.

I got a job helping my friend out at her barn exercising and helping her training her young sale sport horses.  It has been a decade or two since I have ridden 3-5 horses a day and my body isn't used to it.  It has been a blast though and so good for me to learn to ride other horses besides mine again.  It is amazing how different it can be riding one horse to another.  Here are all the youngsters.
Schitzen Giggles 5 year old TB/NSH
AKA; Giggles or her gangster name 'Shitty Gigs'

Pop Secret

Pop, 15 hh I believe TB/arab
All her horses are just lovely
Oldenburg Gelding

Rex Bibendi

Steady has definitely been off.  I had my friend help me try to pin point where it was originating.  Closest we got was definite stiffness in right rear hock.  Could be stemming from a back issue or could actually be in the hock.  He had his body worked on and received some acupuncture yesterday.  She found soreness and heat in his right hip...sigh...It is a watch and see game at this point.  We will keep in light work.  I also started him on a joint supplement.  Oct. 18th is fast approaching I can only hope and pray it all sorts out in time for Team Challenge.  I had someone who just got their first horse in recent months say to me the other day, "We keep doing all of this exhausting work and I keep thinking soon we will be able to finally sit back and enjoy it".  HAHAHAHA, I said well I have had horses for 25 years and I am still waiting for that moment!  She was NOT amused but it is reality.  We don't do it because it is easy and it is gonna be fun.  We do it because it is who we are, we can't do life without them, they give us their all and we give them that right back.  It is definitely not easy and often times not even fun but it is complete satisfaction.

Elaina went to a show over the weekend and Lily bucked her off in her first class.  She was fine and finished out the day even taking home a few ribbons but man that pony is getting on my last nerve.  Elaina is adamant that she loves her to death and doesn't care that she is naughty.  I am not so in love right now.  But damn if she isn't the cutest pony and she is so darn sweet and doesn't have a mean bone in her body.  She is just young and testing her boundaries I just am still on the fence as to whether I want those boundaries tested with my child on her back.  She also rode in a dressage clinic yesterday and the clinician was great.  Got right to the heart of the issues we have been working on and she honed in on some position issues.  She taught Elaina the correct way to win Lily's "tug-o-war" games by keeping her elbows back, shoulders back and upper body strong.  It was great and she really got Lily traveling uphill and using her hind end.  I believe that is why when asked to canter Lily would not pick up the canter.  She not used to having to sit back on her butt and pick up the canter.  It is usually more of a fall on the forehand type of transition.  They were both looking fabulous by the end.  And I got to see my daughter from a 3rd hand point of view and admire what a lovely rider she is and how hard she works to get it right.  The lesson of course was not without a couple Lily moments.  Trying to exit stage right and refusing to pick up the canter but over all I loved the homework she/we left with.

That's it, that is the update.


  1. ooh it would be hard to watch your child deal with problem horse.. good experience but scary for mom. Those are some lovely horses you get to ride. Your going to be in some seriously toned shape :)

  2. The first two horses kinda have interesting colors...I haven't seen it before! I guess that's probably what people call grulla. But it's so pretty!

  3. OH so lucky! have fun! Hope Steady is feeling better soon.

  4. Oh, boy, I am SERIOUSLY jealous of you getting to ride those three stunning greys!!! Grey is by far and away my favorite color and those horses are all lovely. What a treat!

    I am sorry Steady is off. Hope you figure out what's wrong and can fix him before your big event.

    Big props to your daughter for sticking with her pony. I would like to have seen the look on Miss Pony's face when her mom asked her to canter properly... I don't blame you for worrying about your daughter getting hurt, though. Maybe get her some 'falling properly' lessons?

  5. Those horses are ridiculously gorgeous. What a job.

  6. Sounds like fun helping out your friend and riding lots of horses!

    Eek I don't look forward to the day that my daughter has ponies struggles... I can't imagine sitting back and watching :(

  7. You ever need help with the pony I am an expert pony rider and will help out! I help my aunt with her daughters haflinger sometimes! Come on Steady you need to be 100% for team challenge!!

  8. Giggles has the best name of all time.

  9. I had a pony like that...made me the best little rider.

  10. Wow those horses are gorgeous!

    I'm glad you made the draw! Now I'm praying Steady gets over his soreness in time for you to compete.

    I'm glad you daughter is okay and still had fun. Sometimes those naughty ponies teach us the most important lessons. :)

  11. Hope Steady is feeling better and ready to go for the weekend in KY! Sounds like a great clinic for your daughter - I love that she wants to hand in there with the naughty pony - you know it will make her a better rider...but oh so hard to watch then fall.


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