Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I do ride. Here is proof.

Still no word from Team Challenge, ugh the suspense is nerve wracking.  I've been spending a lot of time working with Elaina and Lily.  They had a break through the other day that has helped both of them tremendously which is awesome.  I have come to realize that my horse is impossible to ride when Lily is also being ridden.  So I have ended our 'riding together', bummer.

I don't want to mention this for 1) saying it out loud makes it seem like a real thing and 2) I am really hoping it is not a real thing.  Something with Steady seems NQR.  He seems stuck? way behind my leg? hitchy?  IDK what it is, where it is coming from a leg? his back? a joint? a foot? or just being a royal pain in the ass?  I have lunged him, can't see anything, riding I definitely feel something but don't know what it is or if it is something.  I don't know.  Body lady is coming on the 29th and I am supposed to be out of town, sigh.  Thinking I could leave Steady at my friends where the body worker comes to?

Now I said that out loud on to less depressing things and maybe you can see something off for yourself.  But here is proof that I do ride my horse.  Here we are yesterday riding in my front yard that I only got half mowed, lol.  And for those of you not familiar with my world I only have the wee ones who are tolerant enough to video tape for us so it is a wiggly and a jiggly.  And NO I am not referring to my ASS though that would equally qualify.

And here is bit of Steady's strong suit his stretchy walk.

And let's not even get into today's ride.  Spooking at everything that did and didn't move yet still incapable of going forward freely.  We jumped and he jumped everything I pointed him at with the least amount of effort possible without falling over himself.  Though at moments I was worried he was going to fall over himself. I guess the ride would be considered OK but really it was so very meh...what is going on Steady?  Do I need to ride with a whip?  Oye.


  1. Maybe at least start with the body worker? Idk how old your kids are, but not bad videography considering most kids attention span ;)

  2. If I look for something you could say he's maybe not steeping through behind? But I can't tell if I am seeing it because I'm looking or because It could be there. I also don't know what he normally looks like. Maybe he's just a little stiff behind. Hues lumbar area was out of whack and when he was adjusted it got a lot better!


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