Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tack/Equipment review: Majyk Equipe X Country boots

When I first purchased these boots at Rolex I promised a review on them down the road once I really got to use them.  It has been nearly 4 months of regular use.  In every situation from schooling cross country, horse trials, in water, mud, stadium jumping, trail riding and everything else I can think of.   Having heard of plenty of peoples issues when it comes to boots and owning a sensitive skinned horse I dreaded a trial and error process.  Boots slipping, holding heat, holding water, holding dirt, rubbing ect.  I am happy to report there was only trial and no error.

When I say I tested them....

I mean I realllly tested them.

My hunt for the perfect boot had this list of requirements:
  • Non heat holding matierials
  • Tendon guard-preferably not a solid piece of plastic
  • Comfortable
  • Don't hold water

I am a lover of minimalism, I think in most situations the least amount of intereference possible the better.   So when taking on the idea of needing to start riding my horse in boots I didn't love the thought but knew it was best for his protection and the longevity of our partnership. Walking around Rolex I as able to look at all sorts of boots from the newly popular Dalmar to long time favorites Eskadron and everything in between Professinal Choice, PE, Woof and have never been convinced I wasn't trading one problem for another.  A fabric that insisted did not hold water but I wasn't sold.  I know fabric holds water, not to mention any fabric is going to hold in heat, a boot with no tendon gaurd, but I want to protect tendons.  Tendon gaurds that are a solid piece of hard material yet wrapped tightly around a body part that I require the utmost flexibility and movement in order to do the job I am asking.  Not saying any of the boots like this are bad or not functional.  I am just saying that I could not wrap my little mind around it and thus never felt compled to hand over my dollars to hope it works.  I mean would I be willing to wrap the same boot around my leg and run?

Call it what you want, hype, gymic or such like when I heard the technology and study behind Majyk Equipe X Country boots I was sold.  You can read about the studies and research behind them here.   The biggest selling point for me when considering these boots was the flexible strike guard.  They also have documentation of third party testing on their boots along side of the most popular and most expensive names in boots.  Like Roma and Eskadron and they far exceeded their protection.

From Majyk Equipe website

"The Boyd Martin X Country boot has been developed in partnership with Boyd Martin, World Class Eventer and Olympic Athlete (2012 US Equestrian Team Member.) The boots have a revolutionary conical design providing excellent coverage and a true fit for your horse. The TPU mesh material is lightweight, features 'rip stop' technology for longer wear, and is breathable. The boots are designed to repel moisture (especially important over water jumps!) and the proprietary material and design helps prevent heat build up.

Inside the boot is an armored strike guard. The flexible shape of the strike guard creates a reverse response feature whereby impact from outside in is met with a rigid protective wall, but the accordion- like construction is soft enough to flex with the horse's movement during it's natural stride. In short - this means your horse's legs are given the ultimate protection throughout the course without a constrictive boot construction. Designed to withstand dirt and prevent rubbing, the boots come in two sizes. The medium size fits horses 15 hands - 17 hands and the large size fits horses 17+ hands."


I can tell you that through personal experience every claim they make is absolutely true and functions exactly the way they say it does.  Then to feel them. They are lined with a butter soft memory foam material that is soft on the skin and conforms to the body.  They have ventilation holes with the outer material being strong but with a honey comb shaped hole design through out that makes them extemely ventialted.  Not holding heat, perfect!  These boots have exceeded my expectations. After all of my use I must say that I would absolutely purchase them again. I am sold on them. I cannot say one thing negative about them. They protect where I have needed them to protect. They are light weight. Extremely ventilated. Not bulky at all. Form fitting. They absolutely do not hold water I mean I have soaked them in a bucket of water and besides dripping water off the exterior they did not soak up any water. The durability is fantastic I cannot see any appearant wear on them.  The fact that I can throw them in the washing machine is just bonus!

So if you are in the market for new XC boots or are unhappy with the pair you own then I 100% recommend Majyk Equipe boots!



  1. I currently only have two boots for Connor, given to me because they were too small for another girl's horse, and I know I'm a bad horse mom by not booting all four for XC. I have had my eye on these for a long time, and I'm happy to see you like them so much. Definitely going to be my choice!

  2. I've been looking for a new set of XC boots - I very much dislike the ones I have now. Thanks for such a great review!

  3. Ooooh. I'm interested. The little man might get a Christmas present. Off to google price and options...

  4. Has your horse hit a jump while wearing them? If so, how did the boots do?

    1. Also, what did you pay, and are the fronts different from rears?

    2. Yes A Few Times. the Most Memorable Being The First Time I Put Them On. It Was During A Lesson In Which He Decided To Put Four Strides In A 6 stride combination. He Cleared With His Front End And Completely Took Out The Oxer With His Hind Legs. He Came Down And Never Even Missed A Beat. When I Got Off He Had Streaks Of Green And Pink Paint On Both Back Boots But No Sign Of Even Soreness. I Believe I Paid $85 For The Front And $95 For Rear. The Shape For The Rear Is Slightly Different From The Front And Rear A Bigger. Having 3 Velcro Straps Front Have 2. Strike Plate On Front Boots Are On The Back Of The Legs Where The Rear Is On The Front Of The Boot. Each Boot Is Shaped For A Specific Leg And Is Labled.

  5. Ooh... I have Me's old ecogolds on the way to try on hue but if they don't work out ill have to look into these some more...

  6. Great Review! Will have to look at these.

  7. I had heard another good review of these.. not a bad price either.


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